1985’s Connect at SF Regional Reunion

While our virtual reunion in June last year was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect, visit with old friends, and do all the reunion things, it was lacking in, um, real-world presence. Dartmouth is trying to make it up to at least some of us by hosting Regional Reunions in San Francisco and New York this year. The San Francisco event drew ’85s from the Bay Area for some good old-fashioned camaraderie. Josh Alwit, Jill Morgan, Joe Niehaus, Lauren Sonstrom Rosen, and David Rosen all enjoyed the evening.

Joe Niehaus and son

Class Agents at the Mandel Society Awards

President Hanlon, Gail Gentes, and Joe Riley ’85

Several ’85 Class Agents and DCF volunteers met up at the recent gala for the Stephen F. Mandel ’52 Society awards. The Society recognizes alumni volunteers who provide visionary leadership in raising gifts to Dartmouth through the Dartmouth College Fund. This year’s honorees were Peter Pratt ’71 and Brett Perryman ’92. ’85s in attendance included Aaron Hill, Risë Norman, and Joe Riley.

Catching Up With the Class Scholar

Kate and Jon Grussing reconnected with our class scholarship recipient Nacho in Hanover this winter. The Grussing’s hosted Nacho and his club, Dartmouth’s Dog Day Players improvisational group, at an alumni event in London this past December.  Gail Gentes, Assistant Director, Dartmouth for Life, joined them and loved hearing about the London trip!