Kim Booker Schmid’s 60th Celebration

Celebrated my 60th Birthday in March with friends in the Bahamas!! The five us have had dinner together once a month for 20 years and this was our first vacation together. If we were not sitting on the beach then we were lounging on the porch with a view of the ocean. It was an amazing way to welcome the next chapter of life!

Mark Inkster Kicks Off Year-Long Birthday Celebration

Stolen (with permission) off Mark’s Facebook post:

“Since this is a bit of a milestone birthday, I decided to extend the celebration a bit. It started in February with a visit to see Lucy and Sophie in Vermont and New Hampshire, and to experience that good old below-zero New England skiing. Then I flew to California and celebrated with the same group that celebrated our 30th birthdays together all those years ago. Kate, Owen and I flew up from Singapore to Bangkok for my actual birthday, experiencing some of that good old tropical 100-degree-plus temple wandering. It’s been fun enough so far that I think I’ll keep celebrating for the whole year!”