History of Dartmouth Skiing – New Class Project

Over the past 5 years we have accumulated funds that were directed to be used to fund one or more class projects. In the past we have supported SEAD (Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth) and have an ongoing goal to build a Class of 85 Memorial Fund which we hope will one day endow a scholarship. This year, our classmate, Jeff Weitzman, learned of a project he felt would we should consider – A History of Dartmouth Skiing. I include below a brief persuasive summary from Jeff that describes the book.

A History of Dartmouth Skiing

Not everyone at Dartmouth is or was a skier (but at least 50% of us took ski lessons and visited the Skiway ), and there is no denying the lasting contribution and impression winter sports made on Dartmouth and its students. The Outing Club and Winter Carnival, 100 years old, are inextricably linked with the history of ski racing and the history of the College over the last century, and all of us benefited from that–from Freshman trips to ski lessons to Winter Carnival to the Skiway to simply going to a College that knew how to make the most of New England winters! It’s a relationship that distinguishes Dartmouth from other schools; a legacy to the world, really.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Dartmouth Outing Club and to honor the contributions Dartmouth has made to skiing and the ski industry, a dedicated group of Dartmouth alum have come together to compile this book, A History of Dartmouth Skiing to be published in time for Winter Carnival 2010 and the DOC’s 100th year celebration. The book will cover not only the things we knew as undergrads, but all the many contributions Dartmouth alumni have made by founding most of the major ski areas, leading the 10th Mountain Division in WW II, and the various support activities to develop the US Ski industry. They intend to show that Dartmouth has been, and continues to be, the leading player in creating the modern ski industry. See the details at http://dartmouthski.wiki.zoho.com/HomePage.html .

After much discussion, a majority of our class executive board voted to make a donation to this project in the amount of $2500 as a Class Project. Besides the book , there is also a movie/documentary planned with an Emmy award winning movie team lined up to create it. When the book and movie are published, the Class of 85 will be listed in the dedication section as an Underwriter along with significant individual contributors. Both products of this Project will be lasting gifts to the college. There are memories being recorded and history being written that might be lost if this project team wasn’t working so hard to capture them now. For those of you who would like to learn more about the History of Dartmouth Skiing, please check out their web site at http://dartmouthski.wiki.zoho.com/HomePage.html .

Class of 85 initiates Class Connection with Class of 2010

Traditionally, class connections have always been with a class 50 years older – ours is with the Class of 1935 – but there is very little interaction between the two classes.  With the blessings of the Alumni Office, we have established a 25 year Class Connection – 1985-2010.  By pairing two classes that are closer together, we hope to establish some real useful relationships that will benefit both groups.  The first connection is to meet some members of the Class of 2010.

Our class newsletter will have arrived on your doorsteps in August and you will meet our nephew, Tim Calder. his friend, Kari Cholnoky, and Frances Vernon, President of the Class of 2012.  Each of them have written us a letter to introduce themselves.  We hope to continue their stories as blogs on our class website as well as periodic updates in our newsletters.  The next connection I would like to establish is career networking.  Dartmouth already has a venue for establishing this connection on the Vox Alumni Network.  See below for more details.

Become a Career Advisor to Dartmouth Students

Most of us are still immersed in our careers and may have sage advice for a young person choosing and starting a career.  If you are interested in becoming a career advisor for Dartmouth students, especially our Class of 2010, please go to www.alumni.dartmouth.edu, click on Vox Alumni Network and then Dartmouth Career Network.  Follow the directions for becoming a career advisor.  Once you have joined the career network, email me (see the Home page for my email). I will compile a list of our classmates who have joined and we will post this list with the Class of 2010 as a resource.

College Shopping with your Kids?
The Class of 2010 has suggested that they would be a good resource for those of us who are or will be looking at colleges for our children.  They have recently gone through the process and can direct us to the ins and outs of college applications, college campuses etc.  They also are part of a network of friends in colleges all over the country and can connect you to friend who may be on a campus your child is considering.  We are working on the best way to contact the Class of 2010.

SEAD Works

I had the pleasure last week of meeting Stuart Lord, Dean of the Tucker Foundation and creator of the SEAD Program. He shared with me some of the successes of the SEAD Program. For example, three hundred eight-one sophomores participated in the program last summer! That’s about 1/3 of the class. The SEAD participants come from schools with a 49% college attendance rate, but they attend college at a 76% rate. Keep in mind that they start in the program after their freshman year in high school, a time when only 2 of the 36 participants this year said they thought they would make it to college. Finally, the program is in no way intended to find kids that could attend Dartmouth. It’s intended to show the participants that college is something they should aspire to. That there is another path they could take. Nevertheless there are two SEAD graduates attending Dartmouth right now! Both have over a 3.5 average, one has a 3.9!

I thought you’d appreciate a little more info on this project. I’ll admit that while I supported it, I didn’t know much about its value to Dartmouth or the world at large. Now I do. Sometime in the future I’ll try to arrange an interview with Dean Lord and get you all some more info on the program that we support as a Class Project. In the meantime, check out the website.

You can support the SEAD Project by adding a donation to your Class Dues payment, as shown on your dues card.

SEAD Summer 2002

Group2004This summer we sponsored a student in the College’s SEAD program. Students are invited back each summer, and we hope to follow our sponsored students as they make their way through high school and hopefully to college. Below are a couple of letters from our sponsoree, and some pictures from this summer’s program.

July, 2002

I am 15 and live in Canaan, NH. I go to Mascoma High School. I was and still am very interested in the SEAD program. When I left on Saturday I cried the whole way home. I do plan on going back for the next two years. I am planning on going to college, but haven’t quite figured on what I am going to do once I get there.

I will tell you more about my self. I have lived with my grandparent ever since I was a baby, and I thank god for that. I go to Okinawen Karate academy for Karate classes. I have been there a little more that 1 year. I love to work at home and other places.

My time at SEAD: I had Akacie Meager for a mentor. She was very helpful when I had a question. I went rock climbing on my trip and I loved it, got a little cut up but it was worth it. I learned quite a bit in my class. This year in school I was having a little trouble in my math class, because things weren’t getting explained enough. But in the math class at SEAD, we went over some of that stuff and I learned it perfectly. We also had English and Computer Science. In English we did a lot of writting, which I like to do and in Computer Science, we designed a web page that was cool. Well I hope I have filled you with a bit of info for now. Until next time.

August, 2002

I had a blast at SEAD and I can’t wait to get back. I try to stay in touch with all the friends and Mentors at the SEAD program as much as I can. I start school the 3 of September, can’t wait to get back there either, and I do karate all year long. Normally during the summer I will do 4 classes a week but when I start school again, I do to 2 classes a week. I mostly work all summer, which may sound borring but I like to work and I go places on the weekends like Indian pow-wows, and some places with my friends. Stuff like that, it’s fun.