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Class dues are paid each year in the fall, and cover the fiscal year that runs from July until the following June.

Please complete the form below. When you click Donate you’ll be taken to PayPal  to complete payment.

Your contribution primarily supports our class projects as well as our newsletters and class events.
If you'd like to go above and beyond to support our Class Projects, add an amount here.
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Why Pay Class Dues?

Your class dues are a key part of keeping our class structure alive, well, and doing good things together, and for the College.

Your class dues are used for:

  • Class charitable social projects
  • Class of 1985 monthly and quarterly newsletters
  • Class mini-reunions and local get-togethers

As a reminder, paying class dues is separate from donating to the Dartmouth College Fund. The Dartmouth College Fund supports the College’s ambitious financial aid program and the on-going costs of running a world-class educational institution, which tuition does not cover.

Paying class dues, however, supports the things that your Class wants to accomplish together — now and in the future. You will always be a member of our Class whether you pay your dues or not, but we do hope you will do so!

And your class dues are tax deductible.

The independence of the Dartmouth alumni classes is the envy of other colleges and universities. Our Class organization’s purpose is to keep us connected to each and to the College. But it takes some funds to do so, thus our request for Class dues.

Please take a moment to pay your dues support class projects, using the form above.