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  1. April News & Events Update

    April News & Events Update

    Dartmouth Alumni Monthly News & Events – April 2016 In honor of the month of April, does anyone still have a copy of the fake Daily D from April 1, 1982, (done by the Jack O’Lantern)? It was the issue distributed across Campus that announced that the College had decided...

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  2. 85s Meet at Provost Event

    85s Meet at Provost Event

    Classmates Joe Riley, Nancy Kopans, Mark Caron, Richard Sanford, and Eamonn Brady met up for an evening with Dartmouth Provost Carolyn Dever at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York last night (an event featured in our new monthly events update!). See how easy a mini-reunion can be?  

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  3. Monthly News & Events Update

    Monthly News & Events Update

       CLASS OF ’85 hello fellow dartmouth ’85s!  welcome to our second monthly news & events email — to help keep us connected to each other, to the college, and to our class. items of interest coming up soon… …..march 2016….. (as always, for more information, check out our class...

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  4. Shades of Green – Winter 2016

    Shades of Green – Winter 2016

    The Class Newsletter for Winter 2015-2016 is full of classmate news! Read amazing stories about our classmates’  involvement in public and community service from Bo Beatty, Annie Coffey, Anne Northrop Connor, Valerie Hartmann, Ellen Jennings, James Laughlin, Elise Miller, Ted Pascoe, Blaine Richard, and Peggy Engelhart Zink.  Bonus news from...

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  5. Shades of Green Fall 2015

    Shades of Green Fall 2015

    News from veteran newsletter editor Margaret Marder and newly anointed co-editor Lisa Sweeny Herrington! This edition features Josh Alwit, Laura Icken, Tina Rutan Dolan, and Pam Quanrud. Find out more about our Green Eggs and Dues Challenge, read updates from our Class Officers.

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  6. Dan Fagin Speaking on Campus

    Dan Fagin Speaking on Campus

    If you’re in the Hanover area tomorrow, Dan Fagin is giving a lecture: Dan Fagin is a Dartmouth Alum and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who writes frequently about environmental science and is also a science journalism professor at New York University. His book, Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation,was awarded...

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  7. Class Officer’s Weekend

    Class Officer’s Weekend

    A number of 1985 Class officers traveled (on their own dime!) up to Hanover in September 18-19, 2015, for “Class Officers Weekend”, to meet with officers of other Dartmouth Classes and with the Alumni Office to plan for the upcoming year and be updated on events on campus.  Pictured are Joe McGee...

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  8. Hats off to the Class of 1985! Giving earns Award.

    Hats off to the Class of 1985! Giving earns Award.

    Thanks to the incredible generosity of our classmates, we have successfully raised $4.723 millon for the Dartmouth College Fund with 48.4% participation! This represents the second-highest 30th Reunion gift total in the college’s history and outpaces the overall participation rate in the Dartmouth College Fund! The Fund itself had a fantastic...

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  9. TED Talks feature ’85s

    TED Talks feature ’85s

    Dartmouth has posted a batch of TED and TEDx talks featuring Dartmouth alumni, two of which are ’85 classmates: Ruth Chang and Mark Halliday. Now I’m not saying our class is better than all the other classes, but only the ’80s also rated two talks on the page. The ’14s scored...

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