Class Governance

Class Officers 2015-2020

President: Joe Riley jriley851 (at)

Immediate Past President: Valerie Hartman vhartman711 (at)

Alumni Council Rep: Laura Yecies lyecies (at)

Treasurer: David Mcilwaine david.t.mcilwain (at)

Mini-Reunion Chairs: Todd Cranford tlc31esq (at), Valerie Hartman vhartman711 (at)

Class Project Chairs: Linda Blockus blockusl (at), Veronica Jenkins jenkinsvn (at), Pam Ponce Johnson poncejoh (at)

Secretaries: Leslie Davis Dahl dahlleslie (at), John MacManus: slampong (at)

Newsletter Editors: Margaret Marder: mmarder0269 (at), Lisa Herrington herringtonhome (at)

Digital Content: Jeff Weitzman jeff (at)

Bereavement Chair: Valerie Hartman vhartman711 (at)

Gift Planning Chair: Beth Gilman Hobbs hobbsnc (at)

Head Agents: Joe McGee joseph.mcgee (at)

Class Meetings & Governance News

Minutes of official class meetings, typically held at reunions, and other Class Governance news.

  1. Class Officer’s Weekend

    Class Officer’s Weekend

    A number of 1985 Class officers traveled (on their own dime!) up to Hanover in September 18-19, 2015, for “Class Officers Weekend”, to meet with officers of other Dartmouth Classes and with the Alumni Office to plan for the upcoming year and be updated on events on campus.  Pictured are Joe McGee...

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  2. Class Officer’s Weekend 2014

    Class Officer’s Weekend 2014

    Greetings All and Happy First Days of Fall I’ve just returned from a wonderful 48 hours of meetings up in Hanover, NH last weekend where Dartmouth class officers from around the globe ventured back up to dear old Dartmouth to share best practices, hear updates from the College, spend time...

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  3. Class Meeting, June 18, 2010

    Class Meeting Minutes June 18, 2010 Welcome Classmates – Margaret Marder, outgoing President Introduced new class officers for vote: President – Valerie Hartman Levy Treasurer – David McIlwain Secretary – John MacManus, Leslie Davis Dahl Webmaster – Jeff Weitzman Newsletter Editor – Margaret Marder, Tim Reynolds Announced new Alumni Council...

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