Class Projects

As a Class,we have taken on a couple of scholarship programs to help Dartmouth students expand their opportunities.

Sponsored Internships

The Class is now involved in two internship programs, Dartmouth Partners in Community Service and the Center for Professional Development Student Internship. The Class of 1985 was the first class to adopt the latter as a class project. DPCS is now supported by 20 classes and provides internships for undergraduates who plan to spend a leave term engaged in a direct service project that contributes to the welfare, development, and fulfillment of other human beings. The CPDSI is a program initiated by President Hanlon to support students who are taking their learning beyond the classroom.  Read more about these projects…

We also have a Class Memorial Fund to acknowledge the death of any of our classmates.

Past Projects

Before our 25th Reunion we sponsored the work of a group of Dartmouth alumni creating a book and movie about the history of Dartmouth skiing entitled, Passion For Skiing. The book is a wonderful history of Dartmouth’s involvement in the ski industry, and a movie along the same lines is in the works More information at

As a Class Project we sponsored high school students in the Tucker Foundation-led Summer Enrichment At Dartmouth (SEAD) program. SEAD offers an exciting and challenging multi-year enrichment experience for pre-college teens from under-resourced urban and rural high schools. Based on the Dartmouth College campus during the summer term, the program brings together college and community resources to provide a unique opportunity for growth for all involved.

News About Class Projects

  1. Shades of Green Winter 2018

    Shades of Green Winter 2018

    Download the latest issue of Shades of Green, our class newsletter. This issue focuses on our Class Projects, the people in our class who have worked tirelessly on them, and the Dartmouth students who have benefited from them. Featuring our work with the Dartmouth Center for Professional Development and Dartmouth...

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  2. DPCS Intern Spotlight: Cecilia Torres ’18

    DPCS Intern Spotlight: Cecilia Torres ’18

    The Class of ’85 is a proud sponsor of Dartmouth Partners in Community Service.  Through our contributions to Class Projects our class is one of many sponsoring classes that provide funding to Dartmouth students pursuing social impact internships through a selection process managed by the Center for Service. A highlight...

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  3. Class Project Update

    Class Project Update

    Thanks to all who add to their class dues payments each year to help support our Class Projects. Most recently, our class has supported the following projects: • Class contribution to Memorial Field renovations, featuring memorial plaques engraved to honor Dartmouth veterans who have died in service to our country....

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  4. New Class Project: Sponsored Internships

    New Class Project: Sponsored Internships

    The Class of ’85 Executive Committee is pleased to announce our involvement in TWO class projects.  Although similar in nature (supporting students during leave-terms), one program has a successful track record of 20 years (Dartmouth Partners in Community Service) and the other program (Center for Professional Development Student Internship) is...

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  5. Passion For Snow

    Passion For Snow

    Passion for Snow, the movie based on the book Passion for Skiing, is in production. The Class of 1985 helped fund the book and, indirectly, the movie. Here’s an article about the movie from the Manchester Union Leader.

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  6. Update on Passion For Skiing

    Update on Passion For Skiing

    An update on the progress of this project, which we’re sponsoring: Things continue to move quickly as we close in on the finish of Phase 1 of our History of Dartmouth Skiing Project to produce the book,. It is hard to reach an end point. The story is fighting the...

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