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The impact of your gift is significant and immediate.

Every educational opportunity at Dartmouth is possible because of the generous philanthropy of our Alumni. One out of every two students rely on our gifts because the DCF is Dartmouth’s largest annual source of financial aid.

All classmates who have given this fiscal year are listed on our ’85 Honor Roll.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” —African Proverb

Please join us by giving today to the Dartmouth College Fund.

Questions? We are just a phone call away! Janet Warren, ’85 DCF Staff member | 603.646.9990

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Joe McGee, Head Agent



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You Can Answer the Call to Lead

Dartmouth’s Call to Lead Campaign will advance our distinctive liberal arts experience, fuel discoveries that improve the human condition, and prepare students for lives of leadership.

1769 Society

The 1769 Society is a group of some of Dartmouth’s most loyal and generous alumni and friends—leaders in their communities and professions. Like you, they understand that an annual investment in Dartmouth students is an investment in transforming lives. Members represent only 9% of Dartmouth College Fund donors, but account for 87% of the dollars raised each year.

Bartlett Tower Society

Joining the Bartlett Tower Society – Dartmouth’s legacy society – is as easy as leaving the College a percentage or specified dollar amount from your estate (through a will or trust) or naming the College as a beneficiary of a retirement plan (401(k), IRA etc.) or life insurance policy. Learn more about this important program on our Gift Planning/Bartlett Tower Society page.


  1. Class breaks 26th year out giving record!

    Congratulations! The numbers are in, and it’s official! The Great Class of 1985 has broken the record for 26th-year out giving! $726,594 raised with 40.8% participation A special THANK YOU to our incredibly dedicated Class Agents, whose energy and effort enabled the extraordinary success of our class! Our sincere gratitude...

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  2. Class Agents Win DCF Awards

    In addition to the awards our Class garnered for an outstanding fundraising year, our class agents were also recognized with these individual awards! The Harvey P. Hood 1918 Award for outstanding class leadership 15-25 years out presented to Mark Caron and Douglas Foulton. The DCF Chairman’s Citation for outstanding performance...

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  3. Let Her Spell On Them Remain

    Wow, what a good time! If you made it to Reunion I hope you had as good a time as I did. If you didn’t, we’ll see you at our 30th, right? Hopefully the Class Agents and others will post some summaries of how well we did for the College,...

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