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Photos, videos, music, and more! The sights and sounds of our past and present, gathered for your entertainment. Have photos, videos, or music that should be here? Let Jeff W. know (webmaster (at) If you have a Flickr gallery, YouTube video, Facebook album, website or more, we can connect to those, just let me know.

Photo Galleries

85’s are particularly photogenic. Seriously, the proof is here in the photo galleries! Click on the ‘visit’ link to see all the pictures. You can also click on a thumbnail and hit play in the lower right corner of the lightbox for a slide show.

Fenway Park 2017

’85’s gathered at Fenway Park to watch the Big Green roll over Brown and enjoy the cold and a mini-reunion gathering.

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Homecoming 2016

What a fun Homecoming Weekend!  Rainy, cold, and so so so fun! Nothing could dampen the spirits of the group that came up over the weekend.

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Homecoming 2015

Another beautiful fall weekend and Dartmouth Night in Hanover at Homecoming. October, 2015

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30th Reunion

A huge gallery of photos from our amazing 30th Reunion in 2015.

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Homecoming 2014

A beautiful fall mini-reunion and Dartmouth Night in Hanover at Homecoming. October, 2014

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50th Birthday Party at Homecoming 2013

Happy 50th Again! Pictures from our 50th birthday mini-reunion in Hanover at Homecoming. October, 2013

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50th Birthday Party in Boston

Happy 50th! Pictures from our 50th birthday mini-reunion in Boston. June, 2013

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85 Day!

Pictures from the 85th day of the year — 85 Day! Take your best 85-related picture.

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25th Reunion

Family photos you sent in for our 25th Reunion.
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15th Reunion Slide Show

These pictures were contributed by classmates for our 15th Reunion. Lots of pictures from our undergrad days and more recent photos from after graduation up to the 15th. Most of these were meticulously scanned from prints. Remember those?
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Days at Dartmouth

Pictures from our undergraduate years (or close enough!)
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Some of you may remember the classic tunes on the Sigma Nu basement jukebox. We’ll, here it is, preserved for all time via the magic of the Internet.

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Photos from our class Facebook page.

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