In Memoriam

They were mighty ones of old
That she nurtured at her side;
Till like Vikings they went forth
From the lone and silent North,
And they strove, and they wrought, and they died;
But the sons of old Dartmouth,
The daughters of Dartmouth,
The Mother keeps them in her heart
And guides their altar flame;
The still North remembers them,
The hill-winds know their name,
And the granite of New Hampshire
Keeps the record of their fame;
And the granite of New Hampshire
Keeps the record of their fame.*


This page memorializes our classmates who have passed away. The 1985 Memorial Fund was established as a way for our class to acknowledge the passing of one of our classmates or a close family member.

Jim West; January 10, 2014
Alex, James C.; May 29, 2012
Anderson, Wayne E.; January 8, 2000
Byrne, Craig M.; June 30, 2010
Byrne, Mark; April 6, 2017
Codding, Barbara; October 3, 2007
Gilcrest, Debra Thatcher; June 16, 2009
Gorlicki, Charles J.; December 28, 1984
Hardwick, Stacey A.; January 15, 1993
Hart, Nancy; December 1987
Helsell, Kristina Myra; December 31, 2014
Kessler, Mariken Straub; April 1, 2006
Kinney, Thomas M.; August 24, 2007
McElreath, Beth A.; December 24, 2007
Moore, Timothy A.; April 17, 1988
Sharma, Roma; January 11, 1994
Sorenson, Peter D.; July 23, 1984
Straub, Mariken; April 1, 2006 (see Kessler, Mariken Straub)
Thatcher, Debra; June 16, 2009 (see Gilcrest, Debra Thatcher)
Trimble, Andrew S.; July 20, 1992
Wilson, Richard A.; July 9, 2005
Woolley, Michael K.; July 20, 1983

If you are aware of a classmate who should be listed here, please let us know by emailing the Class President (listed on the Class Officers page) and copying the Memorial Project Chair and the Webmaster.

*The second verse of Richard Hovey ’85’s (1885) poem, traditionally sung as part of the Alma Mater only in times of war or memorial services. We’ve taken the liberty of applying the same minor changes applied to the Alma Mater’s first and third verses as sung today to make it gender-inclusive as well.