201st Alumni Council Meeting – Fall, 2010

(From Peter Elias, the Alumni Council rep for the Webmaster’s Association)

This is a brief and preliminary report of a few items and impressions from this weekend.

First, an issue of interest and more than a little importance to Class, Club and Affinity Group Web’sters. Because of the broad nature of this issue, I am widening my report to include the Web’sters on both lists, not just my official constituency, the Class Web’sters. An issue that I have been advocating for since I joined the Council has been added to the Communications Committee agenda for the next meeting, though I don’t think it likely it can be resolved in one pass. (And I should note that it was raised by another member this time, not by me.) The issue is technology and technology support for alum Web’sters and their web endeavors. The Committee heard and recognized that there are serious concerns about the adequacy of this support. The tentative Committee plan is to spend some time between now and the next meeting collecting information about what is currently available and what the needs are. The committee has no decision making power in this area, but can certainly draw attention to our concerns and advocate for our needs. Start thinking about what resources you use, what support you get, what you would like, and what your priorities are. Please don’t flood the list with comments about this. Give me a chance to set up a system for collecting and organizing your feedback. (Although I’d rather not have you flood the list, please feel free to email me privately with information, suggestions or feedback.)

Second, an issue that appears to be coming to the fore nationally, as well as in Hanover, is the huge impact on College campuses of binge drinking (and sexual assault – the two tend to travel as a team). I suspect you will be seeing and hearing some press and Dartmouth’s name may be prominent. We are about average in this area. (It is one of the few lists where we do not want to be in the top ten.) President Kim talked about Dartmouth’s key role in what sounds like a national and data driven program to simultaneously prevent harm and learn what works. I will get details for my full report. This may be an area where Web’sters can help with information and communication.

Third, President Kim continues to strike me as extremely good for Dartmouth.

Peter Elias, ’69
Class ’69 Web’ster
DCWA Web’ster

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