Alumni Council Nominating Committee Seeks Trustee Candidates

Dear Class of 1985,

As Chair of the Alumni Council Nominating Committee (and a fellow class president), I am writing to ask your help with one of the most important ways we can help influence the future direction of the college. Please take a quick read of the note below, and if you have a nomination or more, please email me directly at jweiss (at) or at the submission link below. As a committee of only about a dozen people, we rely on those like you who know lots of other terrific alums, so your help with this would be greatly appreciated. Further, if you have a class newsletter, website, yahoo group, or the like, please share below and my request with your classmates.  We take every name very seriously, and greatly appreciate the help.

The Alumni Council’s Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee is soliciting nominations for trustee candidates.  It is  the job of the Alumni Council’s Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee to select the candidates for the eight alumni trustee seats on the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees. The committee works year-round to research and maintain an ongoing pool of possible candidates. Any alumnus may recommend an individual to the committee at any time by completing the Alumni Trustee Candidate Recommendation Form (

In selecting candidates, the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee seeks alumni who fit the general criteria that any Dartmouth College trustee must meet:

*    perspective and maturity of judgment that permit contemplation, planning, and execution of long-term objectives;

*    a  spacious mind characterized by a breadth of interests, open to
continuous learning and new ideas;
*    moral and ethical integrity;
*    trustworthiness, including the willingness to respect privacy and keep confidences;
*    an understanding of or penetrating interest in the special traditions of the College; its standards of excellence, its concern for the individual; and its service to the world at large;
*    a commitment to increasing one’s own understanding of education at Dartmouth and of issues facing higher education generally;
*    an appreciation of and respect for the distinctive characteristics of the academic community; including but not limited to the principle of academic freedom; the principle of shared governance through consultation, broad participation in decision-making and formation of consensus;
*    the willingness to assign to Dartmouth a high priority among competing interests in the commitment of time, energy, and attention;
*    the ability and willingness to listen to other points of view; to ask questions as well as to offer answers; and to seek a common ground for achieving consensus;
*    the ability to think, speak, and write clearly in order to communicate effectively with other members of the board and the Dartmouth community;
*    experience in problem solving within groups, such as on the boards of corporations, civic associations, and nonprofit institutions;
*    a personal commitment to the periodic examination of the board’s effectiveness, including one’s own role as a trustee; and
*    a commitment to giving financially to the College according to one’s means, whether modest or substantial, and to participate fully in the College’s fundraising efforts.

Anyone wishing to submit an individual’s name to the committee for consideration is strongly encouraged to do so.  It is extremely helpful to the committee when the person submitting a name also provides information on the candidate’s professional and civic activity, and any other substantiating information that would be relevant to the
nomination.   Nominations may be submitted on-line at

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