Campus Clips . . .

Looking for some Dartmouth-related bits and pieces that have nothing to do with politics? Check out these bits from Dartmouth students and staff:

How are undergrads spicing things up on campus while spending more than enough time in their dorm rooms? This article in the D from Emma Ginsberg has a few suggestions:

The Dartmouth calendar mailing has long been a hallmark of the Dartmouth College Fund’s fall solicitation plan. This year, in response to the College’s careful management of expenses, all DCF donors in recent years were provided an opt-in opportunity to request a printed calendar for 2021. More than 8,000 alumni requested their copy and updated their contact information! If you’d like to grab a few images from the calendar, here you go:

Finally, as you know, every dollar given to the Dartmouth College Fund creates opportunities for talented students to attend Dartmouth, regardless of their ability to pay. Meet¬†Reem ’23, a member of the Dartmouth College Fund’s student team, who wanted to express her appreciation to our alumni and for the opportunity to be back on campus for the fall term.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep thinking of Dartmouth!

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