Becky Blake Osborne’s 60th Extravaganza

  • 60th Birthday extravanganza began in France with a spectacular dinner with Kathy & Mark Gross and Eleni Daskalakis Henkel (and husband Peter Henkel) in Monbazillac, France. 
  • Sunrise on the beach at Plum Island with my kids Casey and Matthew on my birthday (9/6)
  • Surprise rooftop cocktail party at the Envoy Hotel on the Boston Seaport, organized by Casey

All in all, a truly memorable debut of this next decade

Henrietta Hung celebrates 60th birthdays and 30th anniversaries with ’85 Friends

“We’ve been getting together regularly for more than thirty years! This year we celebrate our 60th birthdays AND our 30th wedding anniversaries! Pictured are Sue Finegan ’85, Mimi Reilly Eldridge ’85, Joanna Tsiantas ’85, George Eldridge ’85, Paul Perry ’85, Henrietta Hung ’85, and Ed Connor. Missing but usually present: Pam Cohen Hallagan ‘85 and Dave Hallagan ‘85.” Thanks to Mark Vasu for taking the picture!

Kim Booker Schmid’s 60th Celebration

Celebrated my 60th Birthday in March with friends in the Bahamas!! The five us have had dinner together once a month for 20 years and this was our first vacation together. If we were not sitting on the beach then we were lounging on the porch with a view of the ocean. It was an amazing way to welcome the next chapter of life!

Mark Inkster Kicks Off Year-Long Birthday Celebration

Stolen (with permission) off Mark’s Facebook post:

“Since this is a bit of a milestone birthday, I decided to extend the celebration a bit. It started in February with a visit to see Lucy and Sophie in Vermont and New Hampshire, and to experience that good old below-zero New England skiing. Then I flew to California and celebrated with the same group that celebrated our 30th birthdays together all those years ago. Kate, Owen and I flew up from Singapore to Bangkok for my actual birthday, experiencing some of that good old tropical 100-degree-plus temple wandering. It’s been fun enough so far that I think I’ll keep celebrating for the whole year!”

Todd Cranford Celebrates 60 in Jamaica

“During MLK Weekend in January, I was blessed to have twenty-eight friends, including Big Green family, join me in Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the Rose Hall Villas, for Todd’s 60th Birthday Destination Celebration. We hade a fabulous time on the beaches and eating great food! Pictured are Deidra Ifill-Stills ’85, Jacqueline Hayot-Ba ’85, Cassandra McDonald ’85, and Denise Hansberry ’85, as well as Adrienne “Tee” Lotson ’82, Brian Roy ’83, and Michael Brown ’84.”

Jacqueline Francis in NYC

Back to hometown NYC for a conference. Holed up in my midtown hotel writing my paper and handling business at the day job on the Left Coast. This is what 60 looks like. How fortunate I am. Long may it continue!

Roommates Reunite In Nashville

(from Rebecca Blake Osborne)

In October 2022, four senior year roommates ventured to Music City for a packed weekend of music and loads of fun to celebrate the first of us turning 60!

Kathy Reilly Gross’s birthday was celebrated in style by Eleni Daskalakis Henkel, Marcy Sitnik Reed, and Rebecca Blake Osborne in Nashville, including pink cowboy hats with flashing lights and a pink tiara for the birthday girl! Our visit covered the historic Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and an array of incredible food and yummy beverages while taking in live music at every turn. So much laughter and fond memories. 60 is truly the new 40!

Annette, Heidi, and Laura Celebrate 60 in Costa Rica

(from Annette Hach-Clein)

In late October 2022, Heidi Cary Nadiak, Laura Robertson, and Annette Hatch-Clein traveled separately from their corners of the US to meet up in Costa Rica and “gently” relive their days in Fairweather Hall and celebrate turning 60 years young. 

We pretended to be ecologists, searching for birds, insects, flowering plants, monkeys, sloths (Laura’s favorite), while enjoying amazing avocadoes, local fruits, kind local people, good rum and our own company. A good time was had by all; I still hear the laughter and the howling monkeys near our cottage.

AXΩ Trip to Spain and Marrakech

Margaret Marder sent along pictures of an amazing 16 day trip in a couple of months ago to Spain and Marrakech with her ’85 AXO sisters, including Karen Garbe Matjucha, Shelley Leavitt Nadel, Margaret, Terri Sergesketter Heath, Claudia Broekker Egger and sister-for-the-trip Linda Blockus.