Class of 85 initiates Class Connection with Class of 2010

Traditionally, class connections have always been with a class 50 years older – ours is with the Class of 1935 – but there is very little interaction between the two classes.  With the blessings of the Alumni Office, we have established a 25 year Class Connection – 1985-2010.  By pairing two classes that are closer together, we hope to establish some real useful relationships that will benefit both groups.  The first connection is to meet some members of the Class of 2010.

Our class newsletter will have arrived on your doorsteps in August and you will meet our nephew, Tim Calder. his friend, Kari Cholnoky, and Frances Vernon, President of the Class of 2012.  Each of them have written us a letter to introduce themselves.  We hope to continue their stories as blogs on our class website as well as periodic updates in our newsletters.  The next connection I would like to establish is career networking.  Dartmouth already has a venue for establishing this connection on the Vox Alumni Network.  See below for more details.

Become a Career Advisor to Dartmouth Students

Most of us are still immersed in our careers and may have sage advice for a young person choosing and starting a career.  If you are interested in becoming a career advisor for Dartmouth students, especially our Class of 2010, please go to, click on Vox Alumni Network and then Dartmouth Career Network.  Follow the directions for becoming a career advisor.  Once you have joined the career network, email me (see the Home page for my email). I will compile a list of our classmates who have joined and we will post this list with the Class of 2010 as a resource.

College Shopping with your Kids?
The Class of 2010 has suggested that they would be a good resource for those of us who are or will be looking at colleges for our children.  They have recently gone through the process and can direct us to the ins and outs of college applications, college campuses etc.  They also are part of a network of friends in colleges all over the country and can connect you to friend who may be on a campus your child is considering.  We are working on the best way to contact the Class of 2010.

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