SEAD Summer 2002

Group2004This summer we sponsored a student in the College’s SEAD program. Students are invited back each summer, and we hope to follow our sponsored students as they make their way through high school and hopefully to college. Below are a couple of letters from our sponsoree, and some pictures from this summer’s program.

July, 2002

I am 15 and live in Canaan, NH. I go to Mascoma High School. I was and still am very interested in the SEAD program. When I left on Saturday I cried the whole way home. I do plan on going back for the next two years. I am planning on going to college, but haven’t quite figured on what I am going to do once I get there.

I will tell you more about my self. I have lived with my grandparent ever since I was a baby, and I thank god for that. I go to Okinawen Karate academy for Karate classes. I have been there a little more that 1 year. I love to work at home and other places.

My time at SEAD: I had Akacie Meager for a mentor. She was very helpful when I had a question. I went rock climbing on my trip and I loved it, got a little cut up but it was worth it. I learned quite a bit in my class. This year in school I was having a little trouble in my math class, because things weren’t getting explained enough. But in the math class at SEAD, we went over some of that stuff and I learned it perfectly. We also had English and Computer Science. In English we did a lot of writting, which I like to do and in Computer Science, we designed a web page that was cool. Well I hope I have filled you with a bit of info for now. Until next time.

August, 2002

I had a blast at SEAD and I can’t wait to get back. I try to stay in touch with all the friends and Mentors at the SEAD program as much as I can. I start school the 3 of September, can’t wait to get back there either, and I do karate all year long. Normally during the summer I will do 4 classes a week but when I start school again, I do to 2 classes a week. I mostly work all summer, which may sound borring but I like to work and I go places on the weekends like Indian pow-wows, and some places with my friends. Stuff like that, it’s fun.

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