Update on Passion For Skiing


An update on the progress of this project, which we’re sponsoring:

Things continue to move quickly as we close in on the finish of Phase 1 of our History of Dartmouth Skiing Project to produce the book,. It is hard to reach an end point. The story is fighting the wrap-up as we continue to get new information. This is like a marathon where we are desperately trying to get to the top of the last hill so we can hit the home stretch. We hope to introduce Passion for Skiing first at the Friday night of the upcoming Dartmouth Winter Carnival, Feb 12, 2010; and second at CarniVAIL in Vail Colorado on Friday, Feb 26, 2010.

Our book team has also been made aware that the book will be considered for the annual ISHA (International Skiing History Association) book Award if it is completed in time for their review at the beginning of 2010.

Currently we have submitted 5 chapters to the book designer/printer for printing preparation, have 9 chapters in final editing, a 15th chapter almost completed, and 1 chapter yet to write (e.g. this is the final concluding chapter). We have some 400 images being reviewed for printing suitability, and will be selecting these down to 250 or so. Finally we have 10 Appendices almost completed that will highlight some of the facts of our story.

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