UPDATED: ’85 Day! March 25, 2020

Dear Class of ’85,

We hope that you all are staying safe/healthy and sane.  During this most surreal and unprecedented time of the coronavirus, we want you to know how much we value each one of you and are grateful for the bonds created in Hanover over 30 years ago.

In light of the coronavirus, Governor Charlie Baker’s directive to close bars/restaurants and the CDC strong recommendation for “social distancing” to “flatten the curve” of hospital visits, we are cancelling the in-person gathering/celebration/combined mini-reunion of the 85th day of the year originally scheduled at The Granary in Boston on March 25th at 6:30 pm. 

While we will not gather in person, we can all certainly gather “virtually”….whether it’s dressing up in our Dartmouth ’85 swag/taking a picture and posting it on our Class of ’85 Facebook and/or Instagram (See below for instructions), calling/texting/emailing someone from our Class to say hello/check in, setting up a group chat/gathering on Zoom/Skype/FaceTime to “hang out together” and letting us know that it happened, writing a post on our Class Facebook and/or tagging the Class on Instagram about any of the above or something else or simply taking a moment to remember a special moment/friend/class that was made possible because of our link to dear old Dartmouth … it’s all meant to remind us that we are forever linked. And hopefully, that makes you smile big.  Lots of ways to still connect and be grateful for the College on the Hill and the great Class of ’85.

Share those photos and videos! (and/or send it into Lisa and Margaret to share in our next newsletter. The key is: please use the 85th Day of the year to connect … because, truly, what the world needs, in our humble opinion, is more people feeling connected. HAPPY 85th DAY OF THE YEAR – GRATEFUL!!!!

We send you all vibes of strength and health and sanity.  We are all in this together!

Valerie (vhartman711@gmail.com or valerie@shiftintofifth.com) and Todd (todd.cranford85@gmail.com)

To post to the Class of ’85 Facebook page or Class of ’85 Instagram account:

For Facebook, just click on this link to visit the Class page: https://facebook.com/dartmouth85

To post your photos and best wishes for 85 Day, find the first post on the page about 85 Day (dark green background), and click the Comment button, then add your photos, video, or thoughts! For future reference, you can post to the Class page using the “Write a post…” box below the header. Those posts show up in the Visitor Posts part of the page. You can also click the Photos item in the menu on the left and create a new photo album to share with classmates. Whatever works for you, share!

For Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/dartmouth85/), tag @dartmouth85 in a photo or video you post on Instagram. Instructions on how to tag on Instagram

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