’85s Step Up for DCF in 2020-21!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Dartmouth College Fund. Your gifts helped 1985 raise over $3.9 million—funds that will immediately help students needing financial aid. Special thanks to our DCF Head Agents Joe Niehaus, Joe McGee, and Andy Ford for successfully leading the DCF fundraising efforts in one of the most challenging years ever! The Great Class of 1985 continues to make huge philanthropic strides with annual gifts to the Dartmouth College Fund, Thayer, Tuck and Geisel Schools along with impactful gifts to other important initiatives in the Call to Lead Campaign.

Class of 1985 Philanthropy Fiscal Year 2020-2021

We set a goal of raising $3.5 million and 35% participation—and we exceeded it!

$3,912,935 Raised

38.2% Participation

— 1985 Beats Goals for dollars and participation!

View the FY’21 DCF Honor Roll

Better Together–Our Collective Impact

Each donation helped you meet a reunion challenge issued by a generous classmate—by attaining 38.2% participation—you now will have a 1985 Scholar each year in perpetuity!

  • 61 classmates joined the 1769 Society with a gift of $2,500 or more
  • 51 classmates continue as members of the Hal Ripley society giving a gift to the Fund every year since graduation
  • You were the Reunion Class with the greatest number of donors whose previous gift was 5+ years ago
  • Since 2014, 14 1985 alumnae joined the Centennial Circle with a gift of $100,000 or more funding two undergraduates for a year
  • Cumulative gifts from classmates to The Call to Lead Campaign is $23,626,102 (anonymous gifts not included)—60% of the Class have participated in the Campaign
  • Gifts/Bequests to the Call to Lead Campaign focused on Financial Aid: $5,829,984
  • 29 classmates are members of the Bartlett Tower Society

Your support makes a life-changing experience possible for Dartmouth Students now and in the future.

With appreciation,

Janet Kingsbury Warren ’87a
Managing Director, DCF

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