Anne Johnson

Pete and I are both very busy.  Pete and Jim Leightheiser are in business together.  Jim keeps us apprised of several folks in the Boston and Hanover area.  I work for a non-profit focused on sustainable material systems and am the director of an industry working group.  I am having a great time as it is essentially directing a business that is focused on issues that I am really interested in.  I had been working part time while my girls were small, but the job has grown and so have my hours.  Our girls are 8 and 4 and our life pretty much revolves around, among, and between them.  We are having a great time watching their small lives grow big.  One of the best questions of the weekend was from Eva, my four year old – Mom, if the earth is spinning why don’t I get dizzy?  Thus followed the acceleration/deceleration preschool lecture.   It gets more interesting everyday.

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