Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service

The Dartmouth Alumni Council’s newly formed Alumni Service Committee invites fellow alumni to join in the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service on Saturday, May 2, 2015. The day is designed to provide opportunities for Dartmouth alumni, friends, and family to serve their local communities while strengthening ties with fellow members of the Dartmouth community.

The Day of Service will help further Dartmouth’s longstanding tradition of community service through organizations such as the Tucker Foundation, Dartmouth Partners for Community Service, as well as the many alumni organizations already providing meaningful opportunities in their communities.

The first step of this initiative is to identify service project coordinators across the country who will assist the Alumni Service Committee in mobilizing within their communities.  If you are interested in being a project coordinator, please email the Alumni Council at alumni.council@dartmouth.edu by January 30.  We also seek volunteers who will work with coordinators in a planning role.

Coordinators will work within their community to partner with a program/organization for the Day of Service on May 2.  Ideally, the activity will include a variety of volunteer opportunities for all ages. We hope to have local programs identified by March 1.

It is our hope that Dartmouth communities around the country will enjoy being a part of this meaningful day of community service and alumni fellowship.

Again, please let us know if you would like to be involved with this exciting new initiative.

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