In Memoriam: Suzanne Powers

We are saddened to report that our classmate Suzanne Powers passed away on September 16, 2020.

Her sister, Jennifer Powers, was kind enough to share some thoughts about her big sister.  A memorial service will be held next spring.

“Yesterday, my big sister Suzanne Powers passed into spirit. She had been in more than one battle with cancer during the last three years, and if will alone could have defeated this disease she surely would have won. 

In my younger years, I regarded my big sister with both admiration and envy. Naturally more extroverted, she was my example of how to be an intelligent, charming, and successful woman. My own path took me to the West Coast, and distance and circumstance limited our relationship. In light of her illness, I am so grateful that we had made the effort to reconnect in recent years.

Suzanne touched many lives. Her voice rang clear and strong whether through song or spoken word on stage. She had the ability to be adventurous, creative, and fun, while also being the essence of reliability and strength. Despite being both an artist and a professional, she was always driven to be more. Life challenges at times constrained her natural ebullience, but her spirit would inevitably break through those grey clouds.

Safe journey, sis. I  expect the angels will have a stronger soprano section (maybe mezzo-soprano?) section now that you are singing your heart out up there.

Love you.”

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