Margot Buckels Miyashiro

Margot Buckels Miyashiro checked in with some news and some classmate sightings:

It’s been a lonnnnnnng time since we graduated.  I’m currently hoping to bring my family back for reunion [this] summer.

I’ve been in Sacramento, California for the past 16 years, where I met my husband, Robert.  We have two daughters who are 9 & 11.   I went to graduate school in Seattle and got a masters in public policy.  I originally moved to California to work for the state legislature, and then state government.  After my oldest daughter was born, I decided to go the full-time mom route.  It’s been great!  These days I’m busy volunteering at their school, leading a Girl Scout Troop, and yes, being a “soccer mom.”   For my own fun, I learned to row crew about 7 years ago.  It has totally hooked me and I’m still rowing with one of the local teams.  One day I even found a discarded “Dartmouth Crew” t-shirt in the boathouse.  It now hangs in my closet.  Pretty cool!  I’m hoping I might be able to snag a spot in the alumni row session at reunion.

Once, about 5 years ago, Cheryl Chow came through Sacramento.  She was cool as ever.  I met her for dinner, downtown.  When I got to the restaurant, she was sitting at the bar, holding an unlit cigar and a guy was hitting on her.  Doesn’t that sound like Cheryl?

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