Post Labor Day Greetings – Please stay connected and post something on the ’85 site!

Greetings All!

I hope that this posting finds fellow class of ’85ers having had a peaceful and good Labor Day weekend. It’s hard to believe that summer is “over” and fall is just around the corner. I must admit that no matter that I have been out of school for almost 25 years, I still feel like September is the beginning of a new year. Here in Atlanta, the fact that it’s in the mid-60’s (after weeks of 90 plus degree weather) certainly makes me feel like those days of starting school (especially up in Hanover:-)).

I want to once again congratulate Sue Finegan for winning the Distinguished Alumni Award. A great and very well deserved honor. I know that I speak on behalf of all fellow-85’s when I say you have really done us proud. I look forward to seeing Sue accept her award over Class Officers Weekend (the last weekend in September) and encourage all of the ’85’s to reach out to Sue to congratulate her.

As many of us start this new season, whether it is with helping kids back to school, starting new jobs or simply putting away the white clothes in our wardrobe, I would encourage all to post something on this blog. I can’t think of a better way than to kick start our ’85 blog than having a whole host of folks post some of the highlights of their summer and any fun memories of starting at Dartmouth in the fall of ’81 (I would love to read some good freshmen trip stories).

I was fortunate enough to go on a special trip with my daughter (Cate who is 9) to Israel. What a magical journey it was-from praying at the Wall in Jerusalem to climbing Masada, experiencing such a remarkable place through the eyes of a 9 year old was incredible. I also had the great fortune of visiting two of our classmates (Allison Shutz Moskow and Jenny Archibald Williams) up at their homes in Norwich, Vt. Like food for my soul-we laughed, hiked, rode and of course ate, ate and ate some more. I must admit that being up near Dartmouth and hanging with dear friends was tremendous.

As far as fun memory of starting Dartmouth in the fall of 1981, I can vividly remember walking into my freshman dorm room and seeing a pile of water skis on the floor. Obviously a bit perplexed, I then met one of my freshman year roommates-Holly Witherall-whose Dad had dropped her off by sea plane at the Dartmouth dock down on the Conn River-her then having to hike up the hill with all of her stuff. I knew that I was in for an interesting ride and Holly did not disappoint. She became a dear friend and helped make my freshman year one that I will always be grateful for…..

Wishing all of you peace, good health and a fun start to the fall-please stay connected!
Valerie Hartman Levy ’85

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