Reunion Books Mailed To Entire Class

dart85_outside_cover_final_darkerRemember flipping through your Freshman Book your entire freshman year? It was the who’s who of our class! In celebration of 25 years, we have put together another who’s who of our class with lots more details, pictures and stories.

Our 25th reunion in Hanover was such a wonderful bonding experience for those of us who were there and we wanted to build on this spirit of camaraderie and excitement. So the Class of 1985 sent everyone who couldn’t make it to the 25th a Reunion Book.

It’s just one of the ways your Class Dues help support our efforts to stay connected with each other (hint hint).

Some of you submitted a detailed profile with essay and picture, and others just a few words. Regardless of what you submitted or didn’t, we have included all of you, using the basic information that the College has for each of us.

As you read through the book, some of you may wish you had submitted some details or a story. It isn’t too late! If you’re not already registered for this site, do it now, and fill in your Profile. The User Guide (link above) can walk you through it.

Flip through the Reunion Book, read a few essays and reach out to that friend you have been missing but didn’t know where to find – Call one, call a dozen! It is all in the book.

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