Class Meeting, 2010

Class Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2010

Welcome Classmates – Margaret Marder, outgoing President

Introduced new class officers for vote:
President – Valerie Hartman Levy
Treasurer – David McIlwain
Secretary – John MacManus, Leslie Davis Dahl
Webmaster – Jeff Weitzman
Newsletter Editor – Margaret Marder, Tim Reynolds

Announced new Alumni Council Rep, Joe Riley, who takes office on July 1st


Defined Class Dues – pay for Alumni Mag and various expenses of classes

Described Memorial Fund – current balance >$13,000. Money donated in memory of a classmate or famly member. Goal is to reach $250,000 by our 50th reunion in order to endow a Class of 85 scholarship

Introduced Linda Blockus – Class Project Chair
Described past class projects (SEAD, Passion for Skiing, publishing 25th Reunion Book) – current balance >$5000.

Linda discussed potential Class Project proposal to purchase a display area, item in the new Visual Arts Center currently under construction. Linda, Valerie and Margaret had met with department and viewed architect drawings of possible spaces, ideas.

Discussed with class fundraising goals and ideas for donation. Consensus was to pursue several “key” donors who would make a significant contribution to the fund and others who would solicit additional funds so that by our 30th we could announce and unveil our display area. Additional talks will be had with Visual Art Dept for ideas.

Introduced Valerie Hartman Levy – new Class President
Valerie proposed adding Regional Vice Presidents in coming year who would facilitate mini-reunions across the country. Asked interested candidates to contact Valerie.

Passion For Skiing Book – Class purchased 14 copies of the Passion book for purchase by classmates at $40. Showed copy of book to class and sold several. 4 remain to be sold.