Homecoming Mini-Reunion 2011

A mini-reunion for Dartmouth Night, October 21, 2011. We marched in the parade under the Class of ’85 placard and watched the ’15s race around the bonfire with President Kim. Sue and Margaret both looking for their “15 daughters in the chaos!

Pictured: Chris and Noah McCartie, Margaret Marder and Sue Spencer Reckford. Joe Riley joined us later.

Dartmouth Night & Homecoming Weekend

The College has posted a dedicated page for Dartmouth Night and Homecoming with a full schedule of events. Don’t miss the fun! Stay tuned for Class of ’85 events during the weekend.


Homecoming 2010 – Recap

Just back from Hanover and Homecoming 2010. It was a typical New Hampshire weekend with red and gold leaves and crisp temperatures. Still some students were walking around in flip flops and shorts!

We arrived on Friday, just in time for the bonfire. Not as spectacular as in our day but non-the-less there is something about a giant fire that is mesmerizing. We learned that the freshman are supposed to run “100 plus their year” laps around the fire, and some took this very seriously. There were ‘shmen in nothing more than speedos and body paint, many in ’14 jerseys, and even some in costume. The crowd stood in a ring around the runners, with some of the upper class men yelling “worst class ever’ and “touch the fire”. A few brave/foolish ‘shmen broke the yellow tape and ran towards the flames, but were quickly caught by the Hanover police and ushered to the Sheriff’s trailer. The police are a much stronger presence than in our day. Another “back in our day” comment….I am feeling really old! We left the Green after the bonfire collapsed, and there were still some runners finishing their laps. With the bonfire in the foreground, Dartmouth Hall lit up and the green light on in Baker Tower, it was quite a stirring site!

Saturday morning we joined 84s, 86s and 87s at the Hayward Lounge in the Hanover Inn for a mini-reunion reception brunch. There were 100 alum over the course of the morning, visiting across classes, catching up with friends and eating good food. The Hayward Lounge is a perfect spot to watch the scene on the Green and people watch on Main Street. We had to leave just after noon to take my in-laws to lunch for their 79th birthday, but managed to catch up with Phil Yazbak, visiting his daughter Abby, a ’14, Mark and Lisa with their daughter Jess, The Graves family visiting their son Matt, a ’14, Tim and Julide Woodward and Becky Blake Osborne and her kids, Casey and Matthew.

Missed the football game but heard it was a blow out. Lots of alumni tailgates though so people were still having fun!

That night we had dinner with Chris and Anne Veator and their daughter Caitlin, a ’14, and son Kyle at Jesses. Brought back memories of dinner with the parents back in the 80s!

Left campus on Sunday morning as the mist cleared off the green. Sure is a beautiful place!

Class of 85 – Homecoming Mini-Reunion

On Homecoming Weekend we will be joining the Classes of 84, 86 and 87 for a mini-reunion before the football game.

Where: Hanover Inn
When: Saturday, Oct. 30th from 10:30AM-1PM

Brunch reception and cash bar. $10 per person over 12 yrs of age. $5 for children 5-12 and under 5 are free.

If you will be on campus….JOIN US!


Dartmouth’s in Town Again!

If you’re making your way to Hanover for Homecoming Weekend and Dartmouth Night, here’s a convenient schedule of events:


Our class will be holding a mini-reunion, details to follow…..