Shades of Green – Fall 2020

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This edition of the newsletter marks the beginning of a collaboration between the newsletter and website that allows us to bring you enriched content from our newsletter features. How cool is that? I’m pretty sure nobody has ever thought of this before . . . . Look for the “There’s More Online!” icon in the newsletter for stories that have more content here on the website. Click the links below to find the corresponding extra goodies. The featured articles in this issue relate our classmates’ experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. From teachers to parents to clergy to medical professionals, there are a lot of stories to tell.

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This issue includes COVID-related stories from Laura Allyn, Maureen Ward Doyle, Bob Giugliano, Valerie Hartman, Rich Lindahl, Thom Peters, and Ellen Robbins. There’s more news from and about Gayle Gilman, our head agents Joe McGee, Andy Ford, and Joe Niehaus about our Dartmouth College Fund efforts, Financial Aid news from Leslie Davis Dahl, 35th Reunion News from Reunion chair Beth Parish, a new retail venture from Katie Leede, Class Project news about mentors Anne Schonfield, Sue Finegan, and Ted Meisel, book and music ideas, recipes led by Karen Garbe Matjucha, and more. Click to download the PDF!

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