Shades of Green Winter 2023

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Enjoy the Winter 2023 edition of Shades of Green from Newsletter Editors Dan Studnicky and Shelley Nadel. This issue is once again filled with interviews, pictures, and updates on all things Class of ’85. There’s also a special section celebrating 50 years of women’s athletics at Dartmouth.

Shades of Green Spring 2022

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We are so excited to present to you the first Newsletter of our new Newsletter Editors Dan Studnicky and Shelley Nadel. They have worked tirelessly to pull together this Newsletter – filled with interviews, pictures and updates on all things Class of ’85. We are confident that you will enjoy this Newsletter and want to join us in thanking Dan and Shelley for pulling it together.

Some highlights of the Newsletter include a review of why those in our Class serve in their communities in so many different/inspiring ways, in-depth interviews with 3 classmates: College Trustee Sue Finegan, Annette Hatch-Clein, as well as newly appointed Chaplain and Director of the William Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Life at Dartmouth Reverend Nancy Vogele, and an overview of our newest and exciting Class Project: Bridges to Health Profession Fund (this is a new initiative developed by our Class Project Officers Veronica Jenkins, Linda Blockus and Pamela Ponce Johnson, now being overseen by Veronica and Linda, with a mission to increase graduate school admissions in the health professions for low-income Dartmouth students).

You’ll also find updates about Terri Sergeskettter Heath, Shelley Leavitt Nadel, Brad Pagliaro, Beth Hobbs, Linda Blockus, Jennifer Gabler, and Kim Booker Schmid.

Shades of Green Spring 2021

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The spring edition of Shades of Green has sprung!

This edition is packed with news about our 35th Reunion, Class Projects, an exciting challenge to fund a Class Scholar, classmate stories and lots and lots of pictures. Click the thumbnail to open the PDF.

Stories about the life and the before-times from Linda Blockus, Jon Grussing, Frank Cerveny, Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Brad Kliber, Kathleen DeLello Milne, Keith Moon, David Vaules, Collen Keller Sterling, Katie Leede, and Margaret Marder.

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Shades of Green Winter 2021

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The winter edition of Shades of Green is in the house! Aren’t we all these days? Still.

This edition is packed with news and classmate stories about how they’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the thumbnail to open the PDF.

News from Hank Aldrich, Chris Collimore, Matt Dickerson, Karen Garbe Matjucha, Alex Muromcew, Adrienne Wilscam Scott and John Scott, Chris Gill, and Margaret Jeffrey. Plus 35th Reunion news, new favorite recipes from classmates, and update on DCF and Bartlett Tower Society giving, news from Winter Carnival on campus, news books (plural!) from Matt Dickerson, class officer updates, and lots of pictures.

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Looking for more? Follow the links for more on the stories features in the print newsletter.

Shades of Green – Fall 2020

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This edition of the newsletter marks the beginning of a collaboration between the newsletter and website that allows us to bring you enriched content from our newsletter features. How cool is that? I’m pretty sure nobody has ever thought of this before . . . . Look for the “There’s More Online!” icon in the newsletter for stories that have more content here on the website. Click the links below to find the corresponding extra goodies. The featured articles in this issue relate our classmates’ experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. From teachers to parents to clergy to medical professionals, there are a lot of stories to tell.

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This issue includes COVID-related stories from Laura Allyn, Maureen Ward Doyle, Bob Giugliano, Valerie Hartman, Rich Lindahl, Thom Peters, and Ellen Robbins. There’s more news from and about Gayle Gilman, our head agents Joe McGee, Andy Ford, and Joe Niehaus about our Dartmouth College Fund efforts, Financial Aid news from Leslie Davis Dahl, 35th Reunion News from Reunion chair Beth Parish, a new retail venture from Katie Leede, Class Project news about mentors Anne Schonfield, Sue Finegan, and Ted Meisel, book and music ideas, recipes led by Karen Garbe Matjucha, and more. Click to download the PDF!

Shades of Green – Spring 2020

The latest issue of Shades of Green is heading to your mailbox! This issue includes featured stories about classmates who have chosen a career in religion, either as clergy or staff. Stories from Bo Beatty, Claudia Broeker Egger, Ellen Jennings, Blaine Richard, and Greg Somerville. Plus news about our 35th Reunion, The Call To Lead campaign, and updates from Brad Kliber, Katie Leede, and ’85 get togethers, both real and virtual.

Shades of Green – Winter 2020

shades of green winter 2020

The Winter edition of Shades of Green includes stories from Jay Caldwell, Gregg Gorman, Lisa Sweeney Herrington, and Kathy Reilly Gross. Plus news from Rich Briones-Colman, Bob Skrivanek, and some Maxwell roomies reunited (Marcy (Sitnik) Reed, Kathy (Reilly) Gross, Eleni (Daskalakis) Henkel, and Becky (Blake) Osborne). Get info on joining the committee planning our 35th (OMG) Reunion, and update on our Class Project, and a challenge for 85 Day in March.

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Shades of Green Fall 2019

SOG Fall 2019

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a jam-packed issue of Shades of Green! The featured focus is on classmates who went on to law school, so click through and download it today!

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Shades of Green – Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and another Shades of Green hits the presses! In this issue: part 2 of our visit with classmates in the Earth, Energy, and Environment fields and much, much more. Click through to our website to download or watch your mailbox!

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Shades of Green Winter 2019

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The 3 E’s issue, Part 1. Our intrepid newsletter editors have searched ‘round the girdled earth for classmates connected to Earth, Energy, and Environment. Stories from Chris Collimore, Lionel Conacher, Hal Espy, Dan Fagin, John Jeffers, Jake Lowenstern, Thom Peters, Laura Swain, and news from more classmates.

Catch an update from Todd Cranford on the Call to Lead campaign, and a fun word search to keep you thinking about Dartmouth.

Finally, don’t miss the article reprinted from the Chicago Sun Times about Michele Duster, who was on hand as a Chicago street was renamed in honor of her great grandmother, Ida B. Wells.

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