Reunion Kick Off

Our 25th Reunion has officially begun! Pretty good crowd for a Thursday, but I think a fair number of classmates are planning to arrive tomorrow. It’s possible that Game 7 of the NBA finals delayed a few die-hards from the Boston area. The weather report predicts sun and temps in the high 80’s for the whole weekend.

First thing I noticed was the tent: clearly the 25th merits the good tent, this one is pretty nice! Dinner was quite good, and the bar is well-stocked. The kids’ program is in full swing, with a long game of street hockey occupying the afternoon, and either Tooth Fairy or Iron Man for the evening’s movie entertainment.

Doug Fulton reminded everyone that we’re really close to hitting 50% participation for the Alumni Fund, so if you haven’t made your donation yet, it would be really great if you did it before the weekend was over.

Major thanks to Mimi, Joe, and Todd and the entire reunion committee. It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend!

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