Shades of Green Spring 2017

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The new Spring issue of Shades of Green is on the presses, but we hacked our Newsletter editors’ computers and are now prepared to leak the news like WikiLeaks on a good day! This issue is all about ’85 entrepreneurs like Scott Badger and Dave Jenson, Mark Caron, Mike Davidson, Daniel Heyman, Bill Loginov, Marcy Marceau, Alex Muromcew, Carolina Kuczynski Reid, and Jeff Weitzman. Plus, there’s news from Chris Collimore, Julie Mazman, Beth Hobbs and Frank Cerveny, Dave Daub, Jake Kuehn, and Chris Veator, and too many Bones Gate guys to type out! Click to download the issue and tweet about how you get the “best intelligence, tremendous intelligence” about your classmates.

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