Shades of Green – Winter 2020

shades of green winter 2020
shades of green winter 2020
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The Winter edition of Shades of Green is on its way to your mailbox, but you can get your copy right here, right now!

Read up this issue’s tough theme of classmates who have dealt with serious illness in their lives. Stories from Jay Caldwell, Gregg Gorman, Lisa Sweeney Herrington, and Kathy Reilly Gross. Plus news from Rich Briones-Colman, Bob Skrivanek, and some Maxwell roomies reunited (Marcy (Sitnik) Reed, Kathy (Reilly) Gross, Eleni (Daskalakis) Henkel, and Becky (Blake) Osborne). Get info on joining the committee planning our 35th (OMG) Reunion, and update on our Class Project, and a challenge for 85 Day in March.


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