Shelly Nadel’s Food and Finance webinar November 11

In this fresh and entertaining Women of Dartmouth webinar, part of their THRIVE series, Shelley Nadel D’85 will invite you (virtually!) into her kitchen as she expands your knowledge of cooking AND financial essentials. Join us as Shelley helps us understand strategies to stop inflation from derailing your financial plan.  In what can be subtitled “Prices Rising: Baking Bread with Financial Ingredients,” Shelley will simultaneously demonstrate preparing bread and some key financial concepts that are helpful during this time of inflation. If you find traditional financial education boring, uninformative and generally unpalatable, you’ll enjoy Shelley’s expert advice served up from a fresh perspective. You literally cannot afford to miss this program.

Shelly Nadel

Register now to attend live FRIDAY November 11 at 10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/12N Central/ 1PM Eastern. If you register you will also receive a link to view the recording if you miss the live show.

Shelley is an accomplished, energetic, and memorable presenter. As a CFP professional, she is a fiduciary focused on financial planning for women. She runs her own independent practice and combines her passions for empowering women financially with her joy of cooking. Her new financial literacy program, Food and Finance with Shelley, uses video and other media, to make finance digestible. She partners with her Dartmouth sorority sister, and your classmate, Terri Sergesketter Heath ’85, who manages the website, filming, editing, and marketing. 

Check out Shelly’s Food and Finance website!

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