Let Her Spell On Them Remain

Wow, what a good time! If you made it to Reunion I hope you had as good a time as I did. If you didn’t, we’ll see you at our 30th, right? Hopefully the Class Agents and others will post some summaries of how well we did for the College, but I can tell you we met our goals and raised over $3.5 million for the College. Amazing.

Lots of pictures to come (thanks Jon Goldman for the one in this post – that’s a view of Tuck Drive and our tent in front of the Gold Coast dorms), but don’t wait for me! Post your own thoughts on Reunion and other class topics.

Saturday Summary

The reunion is winding down, but not before a blowout Saturday night. Earlier in the day we had a nice time at Storr’s Pond. Lots of kids playing on the beach–they discovered a trove of tadpoles and a good time was had by kids and grownups alike. In the afternoon many classmates attended lectures by Professors Saccio or Pease or others. Dinner was held on Baker lawn, where our class agents Doug Fulton and Mark Caron presented President Kim with a check for an astounding $3,500,000. You read that right. Nice work classmates!

After dinner the tent was rocking with a live band and many classmates hit the dance floor. Some time after 1 AM there was a significant migration to the Theta basement, where much pong and beer happened. I left around 2 AM but I’m pretty sure things are still going strong as I write this at 2:30.

Tomorrow morning’s brunch is the final event of our 25th Reunion, but check back here over the next weeks (or months) and look for pictures and other memories from your fellow 85s.

Reunion Kick Off

Our 25th Reunion has officially begun! Pretty good crowd for a Thursday, but I think a fair number of classmates are planning to arrive tomorrow. It’s possible that Game 7 of the NBA finals delayed a few die-hards from the Boston area. The weather report predicts sun and temps in the high 80’s for the whole weekend.

First thing I noticed was the tent: clearly the 25th merits the good tent, this one is pretty nice! Dinner was quite good, and the bar is well-stocked. The kids’ program is in full swing, with a long game of street hockey occupying the afternoon, and either Tooth Fairy or Iron Man for the evening’s movie entertainment.

Doug Fulton reminded everyone that we’re really close to hitting 50% participation for the Alumni Fund, so if you haven’t made your donation yet, it would be really great if you did it before the weekend was over.

Major thanks to Mimi, Joe, and Todd and the entire reunion committee. It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend!

See You Soon!

Well, we’re almost there! I hope you’ve all registered for reunion and are packing as you read this. If by some chance you absolutely positively can’t be there, please stop by the website during reunion (the 16th through 20th) for updates from Hanover. We’ll try to post some summaries and pictures (if we’re sober enough) during reunion for you to enjoy.

Also, feel free to post to the Class Forum to get in touch, ask questions, or just chat while we’re in Hanover, whether you’re on site or pining for the, er, Lone Pine.


Hey, What Are You Waiting For?

Reunion is just weeks away and you have’t registered yet? Visit the 25th Reunion page and just look at all those classmates that are going to Reunion! Are you going let them have all the fun? Are you going to let them tell stories about you without being there to defend yourself? Rewrite the history of your triumphant pong victory of record-breaking ascent of Mt. Moosilauke? Of course not! Go register now.

Click the 25th Reunion link in the navigation menu to the left and visit the College sites to see the full agenda of reunion activities, and register today.

Remember to check the website for the latest and greatest on Reunion activities, participate in the Class Forums to discuss who’s coming and make plans, and catch everyone up on what you’ve been up to so you can spend your time at reunion…er….reuning!