Shades of Green Winter 2018

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Download the latest issue of Shades of Green, our class newsletter. This issue focuses on our Class Projects, the people in our class who have worked tirelessly on them, and the Dartmouth students who have benefited from them. Featuring our work with the Dartmouth Center for Professional Development and Dartmouth Partners in Community Service and our Class Project co-chairs Linda Blockus, Pamela Poncé Johnson and Veronica Jenkins. Updates from our classmates who have volunteered to serve as mentors including Sandra Kerr-Porcari, Karen Garby Matjucha, Daniel Studnicky, Joe Riley, Nancy Vogele, Allison Shutz Moscow, and Jacqueline Francis

Plus, don’t miss news about our classmates around the world: David Marder, Jake Kuehn, Jeff Weitzman, Jason Kaplan, Alex Muromcew, Karen Pinto, Laura Ingraham, Laura Allyn, Jim Burack, Brad Pagliaro, Carolina Kuczynski Reid, and Lionel Conacher.

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